Carnival Prizes

You know when you play games at the Carnival your first win is the small prize? I won the small prize today. Like the little goldfish in the bowl? I got one of those. I didn’t ovulate the lead egg early, and it was successfully retrieved. YAY me and Dr. Y! Lots of women get more than one egg, but after the cycle Ive had, I’m happy to have one good healthy one. There will be more cycles to come so, one little hurdle at a time.

Tomorrow they will let me know if it fertilized and split, and then we are going for blastocyst. For those of you who don’t know what that is here is some basic info:

Like the goldfish you win at the carnival a lot can happen between now and 5 days from now. The fish could get sick and die from getting conked on the head by a ping pong ball, or it could flourish and grow happily in its new little environment. Obviously I’m hoping for the latter.

The retrieval was through my abdomen and I felt a slight pinch, and then something foreign but nothing more than a little discomfort. WAY easier than previous retrievals. Again YAY Dr. Y!

The analogy I’m making is with each little prize you get a little closer to potentially winning the larger prize. There are a lot of steps between now and then but I’m relieved. Now it’s another wait and see until day 5.

I also win the prize of getting to keep my pants on for the rest of the month!

Between now and then I will continue to tell my story of my experience so far, but tonight I’m going to relax, try to get some rest and enjoy today’s small step forward.


2 comments on “Carnival Prizes

  1. Louisa says:

    Congrats on your goldfish! Every journey starts with one step, may your egg make it to blast.

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