Almost a Kardashians Head

Cycle day 8 monitoring appointment today.

The right ovary was visible and showed one follicle less than 5mm. The left was quiet. In the IVF world when someone says your ovary is quiet, it’s the polite way of saying that there are no visible follicles.

Blood work today showed FSH has gone up to 30, E2 is normal. I think. They didn’t talk to me about my e2. When your FSH goes high it usually indicates bad things for whatever follicles you have growing. A high FSH may keep them from maturing. Dr Y almost put me on a drug to suppress FSH but then decided since I am borderline with the FSH, to continue clomid and to monitor again on day 11 and to decide then. So I will do it all again on Saturday.

I will go to the acupuncturist tomorrow to see if he can help get the construction crew to show up to work and get their job done.

Not bad news exactly, but not good news either, though one is better than none. My ovaries are almost as vacant as a Kardashians  head.



7 comments on “Almost a Kardashians Head

  1. Louisa says:

    Blech! Sorry your ovaries aren’t cooperating. I hope things change by day 11 but if they don’t there’s always next month.

    • Jeanette says:

      thank you Louisa, welcome back to the Madhouse, Rollercoaster or as I prefer to call it, the Circus!

      I love it every time you drop by!!

      • Louisa says:

        Thanks, I really felt very supported by the IF community the first go round and I enjoy giving that support back. I’m on my way back to NYC and New hope this afternoon. I think it’s going to bring back a lot memories/emotions. But I’m really looking forward to it.

      • Jeanette says:

        I wish you good luck, good vibes and the very best of everything.

      • Jeanette says:

        I hope it goes smoothly and well!!

  2. Daryl says:

    I hope things look good tomorrow!

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