Pirate Maps and Easter Eggs

Yesterday was my cycle day 11 monitoring. The good news is that the ultrasound tech drew a map to my wayward right ovary and has now found it twice in a row with no trouble.

A map. Seriously? As if losing your dignity, your pants and displaying your business weren’t bad enough, there is now a drawing of my uterus and ovaries out there somewhere and someone is using it to find them. Ponder the absurdity for a second, let it sink in. All you need is an “X Marks the Spot” or a red arrow with a “Treasure is Here” and you’ve just moved into pirate territory. With all the advances we have made in modern medicine why don’t ultrasound machines come with gps technology? I’m just asking.

My results were E2 was 66.3 (which is still really low) no FSH reading today, LH was high, 15.4, probably because my FSH is so elevated, and my little follicle is very slow-growing but is now 9.6.

When I asked my RE what all this means he said “I don’t know” which may be the truthful answer but it doesn’t alleviate any of my fears. So, I will be monitored again on Monday.

No one knows what the outcome of this cycle will be, if  I will do a retrieval or just let it go. Because no one even knows if what I am growing is a follicle or a cyst, and as queen of the worst case scenario, I am not sure I want to try to retrieve something that is responding so poorly.

Lastly, after 10 days on clomid I am not having nausea or hot flashes, but I have the backache from hell, I feel like my ovaries are going to burst, which I would be happier about if there were actually follicles in there and generally feel like a beast.

So its back to one little hurdle at a time, and a remedial class in patience and positive thinking.

Happy Easter or Passover everyone!


2 comments on “Pirate Maps and Easter Eggs

  1. Daryl says:

    At least your RE is honest with you. I think I’d prefer an honest “I don’t know” to a definite yes or no based on too little evidence. If that makes sense. I hope you get an answer one way or the other tomorrow so you can plan for next steps instead of hanging in limbo!

  2. Jeanette says:

    Thanks Daryl. Still, its cold comfort when no one can even tell you if there’s going to be a next month or another chance.

    I guess this is where the gift of faith comes into practice, the problem for me is, it’s a gift I wasn’t blessed with.

    All the same I appreciate the hopes that limbo will end soon, one way or another.

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