I’m 2 months into blogging to receive a gift like this from Daryl Who I adore? Seriously? STFU! Shes amazing! I however am.. not.

I’ve not had much to write about lately unless you are interested in my persistent desire to learn Chinese. Mandarin this time. Or me looking for a yoga class. Or me finishing what is now the “meditation room”  upstairs meant for a baby that doesn’t exist.

To fill you in on the rest of my life, I produce video games. In fact I probably produce a video game that some of your husbands play. It’s an MMORPG. If you don’t know what that means, don’t ask. It has nothing to do with your fertility or your ability to bear or raise a child. I do however have a team of socially awkward 25 year olds that regularly come to me like I’m their den mother, asking how to get a girlfriend.

The conversation tends to be like this “Can I close your door?”  Sure.  “I am 24, 25, 26 and Id like a girlfriend.” Ok. Why is it you think I can help you with that? “Well you married a nerd so how does it work?” Note, serious stinkeye..It works like this, you take the foil off your windows, you hose yourself off once in a while, you wear something other than the t-shirt I’ve seen you in the last 5 days and you cut that shit you call a haircut. Tats or big earring gauges are lame because when you are 30 you will regret them. You are smart, you make a good living, other than that I don’t see a problem. Girls like smart guys. “Seriously? It’s that easy?”  Dude, get out of my office. I have actual work to do.

As a side project I am also in the middle of a documentary about my great uncles who established the first permanent movie studio in Hollywood. My roots in California run about as deep as anyone’s can which is about 3 generations unless you are Native American. Which I am not. Irish, Scottish, Pale blue..yes.

I’m also in progress of setting up a Q&A with the RE that treats me. Because in the end, Id really like him to know how intelligent some of the women who go to him are and I’d love for them  to get their questions answered logically in a way that makes sense to them. I also want to record it as a podcast, so it can be sent to others in the same situation.

Please feel free to email if you’d like to join the Q&A session, no topics are off-limits but space will be limited.


4 comments on “Shepard

  1. Daryl says:

    A) You ARE amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! B) The conversations you have at work crack me up. I’m married to a big nerd, too. But then, I’m kind of a nerd myself, so it works. Maybe you need to tell these guys to scope out the nerdy girls, and they’d be all set. C) You’re making a movie? That’s fantastic. Go you!

    • Jeanette says:

      A. Not.
      B. My work is not normal peoples work. its like being a shepard for baby genius’, and while I do a better job of looking normal. I am also a huge nerd.
      C. You’re always so nice to me!

  2. queenelizabethi says:

    This made me laugh out loud, because my husband is a nerd and his friends are in awe of how he ended up with me, so I get to play wingman for them when we go out (which is super awkward, but only until about my third beer, then it’s cool). I don’t know if it’s universal of nerds, but the guys I know don’t want a girl who will come play D&D or WoW with them, they just want a girl who doesn’t care that they play those things. And I don’t know where those girls hang out!

    Also, good on ya for the Q&A, that’s a great idea. Looking forward to hearing it when it’s done.

    • Jeanette says:

      So you uh, recognize the guys I’m talking about 🙂 Nerds are fantastic. I highly recommend them. And nerdgirls are also fantastic but are a much more rare and hard to find species.

      Thank you! Im glad it made you laugh. With the insanity I call my life, Im glad it makes someone laugh!

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