CD15 Monitoring Appt.

My right ovary has been pounding for a couple of days now. Like someones building an apartment or an alien in there.

1 follicle measuring 15.1 on the right side. I am still on Estrace to get my FSH down so E2 is 235, LH is 49.3. P4 is .31

The LH level concerns me. I mean it really concerns me because I tend to ovulate between LH 12-16. I’ve never heard of such a high LH level. Ever. Maybe it’s from the Estrace but I am scheduled for an egg retrieval on July 5, and taking huge doses of Ibuprofen to keep myself from ovulating. They would do an emergency retrieval tomorrow but Dr. is in Turkey until tomorrow night so I am first up on Thursday morning.

Still, the LH surge has started so there is a higher than usual possibility that I will ovulate this egg before my retrieval.

I’m ok with that I guess. I mean there isn’t anything I can do about it.

Lets see if the alien actually bursts through my belly between now and  July 5th. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.


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