I had this post written by 5am this morning about what it would be titled about what would have happened. It was done in my head. And truthfully on my WordPress account.Twice

Then something else happened. I had the retrieval and heard Molly say “it’s degenerated” where Dr looked at my left ovary to see if some miracle had happened and no. Left ovary is quiet, so I was hustled out of the surgery and into recovery, where Dr Yelian said Molly’s first look is that its degenerated, so we will take a second look but be prepared. Nurse Ching came in same thing said egg looks degenerated chances are it’s no good, rest and we will see you in a while.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken pics of me pre-surgery and sent them to 2 friends so they can see, it’s not a joke this is serious the procedures are scary as hell.

I decided not to wait for the 20 minutes to go by I went to the bathroom removed the gauze and went to get dressed.

I’d rather be with my husband to receive bad news than alone.

When we were taken in Dr Yelians office he said the egg was good, and it was a good retrieval. So now we wait. To see what happens.

I’m really happy in a lot of ways, that the egg made it out of the lutenization furnace alive, but I’m concerned again as to if it is realistically viable and if it will make it down the blastocyst cycle.

They couldn’t have done any better. Even Dr said he was worried about my LH level.

From here all I can do is wait.


4 comments on “Degenerated

  1. Crossing my fingers so hard for you that I’m in danger of breaking them!

  2. alleycatm says:

    Keeping everything crossed for you xxx

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