I have decided I’m going to take some time off. Not off blogging really but off the pressure of giving regular updates about what is happening with me. I will still do it often but not to the degree as before.I’ve decided this will also include a picture and will be descriptive of some of my personal process.

So here we are.

The question is: “Who inspires you?” and my answer is so simple. Steve Jobs. Whv? Because he refused to settle for bullshit. Because he refused to  allow mediocrity to drive him. That being said in many ways he was a terrible person. I acknowledge that. Completely. But overwhelmingly those people look at their work and are proud, of how they were driven of his perfectionism and of his overwhelming loyalty towards form over function.

I cried when he died. Not because he was an ass or because he was famous but because he inspired me in every way possible to do better, to reach and to strive for better. And because privately I rooted for his magical thinking. I rooted for him to beat his cancer.

Everyone in the tech community knew for ages before he passed how sick he was. and how thin and frail he looked. But no one had the balls to mention it, not to him. the dreamer of dreams.

I pulled over on the freeway the night I heard he died. And I cried. Like Id lost a relative or a lover. To this day I can’t explain my admiration completely but he was amazing. And we lost him too  soon.





4 comments on “Driven

  1. Sounds sensible re the updates and we are all dreamers of dreams on this journey. Fingers crossed for you as ever xx

  2. dnwible says:

    Good luck with this cycle. I hope it’s the one that makes your dreams cone true! Hugs!

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