Whorehouses and Underpants

That’s a title that will get your attention.

Last Wednesday I had my Endometrial Biopsy. After my protocol was 10 days of Estrace and 10 days of Provera. Then shark week, and the circus begins again.

The Husband and I had a nice weekend, we spent Saturday trying to see a movie which didn’t work out so we went to go get his hair cut, and I tried out one of those weird Chinese $15.00 for one hour of foot massage places. If you live in or near a city with a large ethnic Chinese population, you see they are everywhere. Personally I’ve always been afraid to go in one because it might be some kind of whorehouse or something that involved a “happy ending” and I don’t want anything to do with anywhere like that. Because its weird and creepy and obviously my mind goes to the perviest of all places. I only went in because husband was with me and said it wasn’t a secret prostitution ring.

Oh Mah Gerd. I’ve paid 100.00 for massages that didn’t feel as good as this. It was not weird or hinky at all, and the person that did mine really worked some of the meridians used in Chinese medicine. I wondered briefly while I was getting it done, if this would undo anything my acupuncture Dr. has been doing. Mother of all that is holy, there were some areas that freaking HURT! But once it was done, I was so sleepy and felt so much more relaxed, it really was amazing!

You sit in these lounge chair thingies, it’s all very hygienic and you stay dressed because its like one huge room of people getting massaged. There was pleasant music, and a TV on, showing some weird Chinese TV show with Caucasian people speaking fluent Mandarin, talking about eating weird foods. If you know anything about authentic Chinese food, then you know they eat some weird shit. The TV show was sort of surreal but whatever, you’re missing the point. After, Husband took me out to dinner, and we went home. By then it was about 10pm Saturday night. We settle in to watch TV, and SURPRISE! Shark Week is early. I’ve been on 2 separate meds to keep exactly that from happening. It was between 6 and 10 days early, and I still had 6 days of meds left.

Are these 2 things related? I don’t know, my acupuncturist says no. I just know he’s been telling me that my chi (energy) is really stagnant in some areas and that was one of them. I will see him today, so lets see if that’s still the case.

Which makes yesterday CD2. Blood work, ultrasound, all that jazz. Oh and the results from my Endometrial Biopsy. I have one follicle on my under performing, wallflower of a left ovary that CD2 is 6.1, right ovary is “quiet” for once. Natural cycle for now (no meds yay!) see him again on Day7 which will be Saturday.

While I was waiting without pants for the ultrasound tech, I started wondering why it is that I always hide my panties when someone is going to look at my vagina. Do we all do this? Why? I mean, someone is about to look at a part of our bodies that most of us have only seen a few times anyway. Or is that also just me? My ultrasound tech has seen my junk more than I have in my whole life. My RE has seen it even more than the ultrasound tech, but doesn’t matter, if there is a paper sheet involved, my panties must be folded and hidden underneath my regular clothes. Predictably irrational, anyone?

I’m feeling pretty good about my new plan. In fact I’ve felt better in the last few days than I have in over a month. I keep reminding myself “one thing at a time” “Control what you can left everything else go” I know, I’ve had about as many plans as I have had cycles so yes I know my “plan credibility” is poor. But I’m trying. I really am going to try to stick with this one. My numbers yesterday were not fantastic but whatever, I’m not going to let it bother me which is why I’m not bothering to post them. I’ve had better numbers and gotten nowhere, and I’ve had worse and gotten a blast so I’m not going to let one days blood work dictate my response to the rest of the cycle. New for me, and shows some improvement in my attitude, to toot my own horn. vvg

Dr is going to “wait and see” this cycle to see what happens since I had to stop meds because of the early period. Normally this would stress me the hell out, but I’m ok with it. Lets see what my body does and go from there, it’s still early so, no reason to start thinking negatively.

The results of my Endometrial Biopsy were perfectly normal.
On a completely different note, there have been a lot of women in the Infertility Blogosphere talking about peeing on things lately. A large number of posts about it in fact. I know there are lots of you waiting for BFP’s and I just want to make the blanket statement to all of you that I’m here, each of you are in my thoughts, my fingers are crossed and I hope you get them. But for the love of the sweet baby Jesus, stop peeing on things early. All of you.


11 comments on “Whorehouses and Underpants

  1. disorientata says:

    Ahah I also hide my pants under my clothes 🙂 Good luck to you!

  2. OMG!!! I always hide them as well…too funny!!!

  3. Theresa says:

    Yeah I hide mine too, and I always think about how ironic it is as I tuck them under my jeans…

  4. Daryl says:

    Yep. Another undies-hider.

    So glad you’re starting this cycle feeling so happy and relaxed. That foot massage sounds amazing!

    • Jeanette says:

      If there is one of these places near you, get your husband to go with you, and DO IT! It was amazing and maybe the best 15.00 I ever spent in my life.

      Look at you all unstuck and moving on! I cant wait to read your adventures on Clomid. Not that I’m wishing anything bad because I am NOT, however “Shit Ive said on Clomid” is actually a greeting card so you do the math. Or the word problem or never mind. I cant wait to see how you deal, if you stay your calm unruffled self or if you join the hormonal crazy women club.

  5. You had me at “Whorehouses and Underpants.” It’s funny, I’d never thought about it before; I just usually toss my pile of dignity onto the bench at the back of the exam room. However, since I started reading your blog, I’ve found myself thinking at the last minute, “I should hide those,” and have done so the last couple of times.

    • Jeanette says:

      My blog if it teaches you anything should be “that there is no dignity in infertility” so let your infertile light shine.

      Show your hello kitty underpants. Show that underneath that pencil skirt youre wearing purple panties with yellow polka dots. And if the Dr sees them “Who cares?” because hes hiking my vagina open like a mechanic changing a tire.

      Ok maybe we don’t need to go that far but seriously why do we all hide our drawers from the dr?

  6. When my girlfriends took me for a spa day to help me with the transition from mourning and wallowing to grieving and surviving one of the treatments I chose was reflexology, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The appeal of a $15 hour-long foot massage is not lost on me.
    I ALWAYS hide my undies – I even made Jason hide them when we were in the emergency room after my membranes ruptured. Why that was a concern for me when premature labour was a potential outcome is unfathomable to me now.
    We have initiated the first steps in seeking a diagnosis (and possibly treatment) for our fertility challenges. I had an ultrasound to rule out fibroids as a cause of heavier than usual periods. I had a CD3 blood draw. I have an appointment on Monday to follow up on those results and get a referral to an infertility clinic. I started charting my BBT to get in the habit.
    In the meantime, we are just doing what we do when the urge to do it strikes us, because trying was causing too much stress.

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