Transfer #3

I realized something today. I wasn’t blogging yet, when I did my first transfer. I didn’t blog about my second transfer until after it failed, I’m not sure why really, the support would have been nice, but I didn’t. Today was FET #3. The miracle Molly gave me, a 6AA fully hatched blast. It was unfrozen, fully expanded and transferred without incident.

I was running late to my pre-transfer acupuncture appointment, and in my rush to get there, I got the first speeding ticket I’ve ever had in my life. Which I guess I can do to traffic school for, but whatever. Transfer went well, while I was in the recover, Molly came to talk to me a little said my uterine lining was great, no stripes, completely white which I guess is what they wanted to see. My P4 from yesterday is a little on the low side at 26.87, she said that a level of about 40 usually indicates a higher than average chance of pregnancy, hence the increase dosage of my PIO shots, and that my E2 was perfect.

I went to the post transfer acupuncture appointment and that went well too, I lay there just trying to keep my mind blank and focus on feeling the needles.

I just walked in the door about 20 minutes ago, so its been a long day for me.

The Beta is next Friday at 11am. Between now and then I hope to do a lot of meditating, catching up on some TV, doing homework for my classes, working on some projects I’m in the middle of, and generally taking things sort of easy. Not too much stress, not too much worry, just focusing on resting my godforsaken noisy mind.

The outcomes at this point are out of my hands. All I can do is wait, try not to be anxious and promise myself not to pee on any sticks. This time, I’m going to wait for the Beta, I’m going enjoy not knowing, and if I cry in front of the Dr so be it.

Snuggle in little bean, snuggle in tight and thrive in your new, less frosty environment.

17 comments on “Transfer #3

  1. infertilitydoessuck says:

    I hope you get a bfp!!! It’s so strange how all these re’s are different mine wants p4 to be above 10… Wishing you tons of sticky dust and eat some pineapple core

  2. Daryl says:

    Crossing my fingers so hard for you! Thinking of you and your little miracle embryo, and hoping for a stress-free wait. (Ha–if that’s even possible!)

    • Jeanette says:

      Im going to try my best to think of it as “pregnant until proven otherwise” and just try to enjoy not knowing.

      Thank you so much. My fingers are crossed for you too! When will you know? (try not to test early)

      Thanks so much Daryl, a big virtual hug for you!

  3. disorientata says:

    Best of luck!!!

  4. Theresa says:


  5. babyfeat says:

    Glad everything went so well. Keep thriving little bean!

  6. Louisa says:

    Sorry about the speeding ticket but other than that it sounds like things went well. Snuggle in tight little bean!

  7. Jessica says:

    So exciting!! Crossing my fingers for you!!! 🙂

  8. April says:

    Best of luck to you! I hope this is IT!!

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