A Lovely Little Something

I have no idea why, but I was awarded this by 2 of my favorite ladies in the blogosphere! Both http://soonafamily.wordpress.com and /http://theinfertilehousewife.com/ gave this to me, so I am super flattered and happy to have been thought of, and its my first award!

I love Daryl’s blog because she’s poised, has tremendous grace in the face of difficult situations,  shes articulate, intelligent, tenacious and kind.

I love Mrs. Truckdriver Burts blog because she is opinionated, funny, hates Snooki with the same passion I do, and loves RHWNJ. I’ve never seen an episode of Jersey Shore but Snooki breeding is a sure sign that the end of days is upon us.

Here’s the five-step process to follow after being given this award:

  • Share who gave it to you with a link back to their blog.
  • Write down seven random facts about yourself.
  • Give this award to fifteen other bloggers.
  • Let them know they’ve won.
  • Pop the award on your blog.

Seven random facts about me:

1. I speak Arabic, Gaelic, some Cantonese and am in the process of learning Mandarin. I love languages. Words in general makes me really happy.

2. When I was in the 3rd grade I got in trouble for correcting my teachers grammar so often she called my parents in for a conference.

3. As a child, I was extremely serious, shy and never smiled in photographs.

4. I have driven across country by myself, 5 times.

5. My husband I were married at this 125 year old chapel in Yosemite. It was the middle of winter, there were 10 people present, it was evening, in a snowstorm, and because no one shovels the snow during the off season, I wore hiking boots under my wedding gown.

6. I have helped to start 2 different companies both of which IPO‘ed and are still traded on the NASDAQ.

7. I think gold is bad luck (for me). I wear silver, platinum or white gold only. Even the hardware on my handbag cannot be gold.

I dont know 15 other bloggers so I’m going to give it to a few who I think deserve to be recognized.

More than waiting… shes thoughtful, faces the same crisis of faith I think we all struggle with, and is extremely easy to relate to.

Bitter en Zoet,  Again incredibly intelligent, well spoken, articulate, wise, emanates peace and serenity to me and takes lovely lovely pictures.

acoursetothefinishline. Strong, tenacious, determined, and what can I say, she encouraged me with a very strong statement at a time when I really needed it.



I’m 2 months into blogging to receive a gift like this from Daryl Who I adore? Seriously? STFU! Shes amazing! I however am.. not.

I’ve not had much to write about lately unless you are interested in my persistent desire to learn Chinese. Mandarin this time. Or me looking for a yoga class. Or me finishing what is now the “meditation room”  upstairs meant for a baby that doesn’t exist.

To fill you in on the rest of my life, I produce video games. In fact I probably produce a video game that some of your husbands play. It’s an MMORPG. If you don’t know what that means, don’t ask. It has nothing to do with your fertility or your ability to bear or raise a child. I do however have a team of socially awkward 25 year olds that regularly come to me like I’m their den mother, asking how to get a girlfriend.

The conversation tends to be like this “Can I close your door?”  Sure.  “I am 24, 25, 26 and Id like a girlfriend.” Ok. Why is it you think I can help you with that? “Well you married a nerd so how does it work?” Note, serious stinkeye..It works like this, you take the foil off your windows, you hose yourself off once in a while, you wear something other than the t-shirt I’ve seen you in the last 5 days and you cut that shit you call a haircut. Tats or big earring gauges are lame because when you are 30 you will regret them. You are smart, you make a good living, other than that I don’t see a problem. Girls like smart guys. “Seriously? It’s that easy?”  Dude, get out of my office. I have actual work to do.

As a side project I am also in the middle of a documentary about my great uncles who established the first permanent movie studio in Hollywood. My roots in California run about as deep as anyone’s can which is about 3 generations unless you are Native American. Which I am not. Irish, Scottish, Pale blue..yes.

I’m also in progress of setting up a Q&A with the RE that treats me. Because in the end, Id really like him to know how intelligent some of the women who go to him are and I’d love for them  to get their questions answered logically in a way that makes sense to them. I also want to record it as a podcast, so it can be sent to others in the same situation.

Please feel free to email if you’d like to join the Q&A session, no topics are off-limits but space will be limited.


I live in an old house. It was built in 1933. The style is called California Monterrey. A style created by an Architect from the East Coast who modified a style of homes he loves, a more colonial style, to incorporate the adobe that was so plentiful in Southern California.

It’s not perfect but this is what it looks like from the front elevation. The wrought iron is horrible. From a true architects/artisan point of view.

My husband is an architect. A rather well published and talented one. Who has built a lot of houses for famous people. A lot of sports figures, and some actors and Hollywood types. He has his own firm. He’s a very successful man. He collects historic architecture books, often owned by famous architects. Its his passion. His first love, the single thing he relates to more in this world than anything. Except his daughter. Who I’ve written about before and who is extraordinary in her own right.

Which sometimes leaves me wondering why it is he loves me.

Because I am of average intelligence, average looks, average everything. Why would an extraordinary person love me? I am not special, I don’t come from a good family or an ivy league education.

In a way, we are two peas in a pod because we don’t have the family bonds that so many take for granted. We have each other. And that’s it.

Through this journey he doesn’t have a lot of words to encourage me because he doesn’t really know how. But he gardens, plants things in the back yard that he thinks will make me see that he loves me. Azaleas, Camellias, a Japanese Cherry tree. Things that go with the Japanese Maples, the stephanotis, the hydrangeas and the gardenias. Even though growing them is hard because the heat of the southern California summer make it difficult. But he endeavors through it.

In Southern California it’s unusual to find a house of this age, or a lot that hasn’t been subdivided somehow. Lots of people have more land than we do, lots of people live in bigger houses and lots of people have bigger yards. And bigger wiener dogs. I adopted him because my stepdaughter loved his long back and short legs and his sad face. She didn’t realize it was all an act, because Ive never seen that face again and he’s never sorry for anything he does wrong, he just shows me his butt.

The avocado tree is over 100 years old. It fruits over 1000 pounds a year. Ask my RE, I’ve brought at least 150 pounds of avocados to his office over 2 visits, because I am not above shamelessly bribing the women that work there to remember and to be nice to me.

From these things a journey is made. It’s who I am, where I live, how I think. It’s what I believe, and hopefully it’s where the baby I wish so much for, will live with us. There is a room ready for him or her, a room  that I painted last summer, whose floors I re-finished, and whose windows you can’t see because the tree blocks it, shading it, during the hottest part of August in a house with no air conditioning.

It’s an old house, with a lot of things I’d still like to change, and where with patience and tenacity we are changing them. Updating them. Restoring them. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a home. And it’s where those who I love most live.